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Guidelines for Proper Informational (In-Text) Use of ETS Trademarks by Third Parties

(Worldwide Version)
Revised: May 7, 2021

ETS maintains valuable intellectual property rights by enforcing proper use of its trademarks. Improper use of ETS trademarks can diminish the value of ETS brands and dilute or genericize the marks. These Guidelines have been developed in response to common questions about proper legal usage of ETS trademarks by these third parties. Please consult the Guidelines when you refer to trademarks owned by ETS. ETS thanks you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact the ETS Trademark Department at


See the list of trademarks owned by ETS.



  • Any reference to ETS or to any ETS trademark should not suggest endorsement, sponsorship, or association with a non-ETS product or service.
  • The use of ETS trademarks in text or in a title should not show ETS or its products in a false or negative light.
  • Your company or brand name should always appear prominently on your product or materials in a size that will immediately identify you as the source of the product or service.
  • Proper separation should be maintained between your company or brand name and an ETS trademark.
  • Neither ETS trademarks nor their translations or transliterations can be used in your company or brand name, product name, domain name, trademark, trademark application, trademark description or identification of goods or services, social media username or website, or advertising keyword.
  • ETS trademarks cannot be translated or transliterated into another language without prior approval from ETS.
  • ETS trademarks cannot be incorporated into your logo design or modified with design elements or stylized typefaces.
  • Use of the ETS logo, product logos or ETS graphics on your product, promotional material or website is strictly prohibited.
  • ETS trademarks should never be used in a possessive or pluralized form.
  • ETS trademarks should never be displayed alone. The trademark should be used as a proper adjective (never a noun) and should be followed by the appropriate registry symbol and generic term.
  • ETS trademarks should not be emphasized or be more prominent or eye-catching than any other word on your product, promotional material, website or in your title.
  • ETS trademarks should always be spelled and capitalized exactly as shown on the List of ETS Trademarks and should never be shortened, abbreviated or combined with other names. Never create new names that contain ETS trademarks.
  • ETS trademarks should not be displayed in "long form", i.e., "Test of English as a Foreign Language" for TOEFL or "Test of English for International Communication" for TOEIC.
  • The first and most prominent time any ETS trademark appears in the text on your material(s), use the appropriate registry symbol (®, TM, SM). In addition, the following notice should appear on your material(s) in a legible print size and color so that it is easily read by the consumer:

“TOEIC [insert appropriate trademark] is a registered trademark of ETS. This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS.”


Special Information for Publication Titles, Websites or Mobile Apps that Contain ETS Trademarks

  • The title should clearly identify the product or service.
  • All letters and characters in the title should be capitalized, in plain block font and in one color ink. Letters or characters should not be stretched or distorted and should appear to be the same height, width and thickness. The entire title should run either vertically or horizontally, e.g.
    • Not Correct: TOEFL® TEST PREPARATION GUIDE. [title]
  • An ETS trademark, its registry symbol and an appropriate generic term should appear on the same line in the title. For websites, each web page should display the registry symbol after the first and most prominent use of the trademark.
  • When an ETS trademark is used in a title, the background behind the title should be a solid color. If there is a pattern background on your product, the title can be placed in a box in order to create a solid background behind the title.
  • When you reference ETS trademarks, the following notice should appear on the front cover of publications or materials, opening or welcome screens of mobile apps, and at the bottom of each web page in a legible print size and color so that it is easily read by the consumer, e.g.,

“TOEIC [insert appropriate trademark] is a registered trademark of ETS. This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS.”

Note: Publishers are expected to take responsibility to ensure that their authors, editors, licensees and/or sub-contractors are in compliance with these Guidelines as well as with applicable copyright and trademark laws.

Importantly, ETS copyrighted material cannot be used without permission. Learn more about requesting permission.

Trademark Review and Approval

Send an electronic color copy of your proposed material, including the front and back cover and the spine in a .pdf or .jpg format, and an English translation of all foreign characters to

If electronic copies are not available, send a color hardcopy and its corresponding English translation to:

Mail: ETS; c/o Trademark Administrator; 660 Rosedale Road, Mail Stop 05-J
Princeton, NJ 08541; USA


Plan in advance. Response time is approximately 10 business days.

These Guidelines are not meant to be an exhaustive list of instructions and are subject to revisions from time to time.